The head of education starts working at Eureka

We are pleased to introduce you to Rūta Kuodienė, the head of education at the Eureka Early Education School. Rūta has been working in the field of education for 11 years: starting her position as a teacher, she has worked as the head of education and the head of primary school these past years.
“The preschool age is extremely important, because children learn incredibly fast during this period: linguistic, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Through games, research, experiments, children get to know the world around us, so it is crucial to ensure that education during this period would be diverse, I believe that children are little miracles! Curious, naughty, beautiful, they are worth not only our concern, but also the effort to get to know them, so we should look deeper and answer – what it means to be a child, not just what it means to raise a child”,- believes Rūta.