Invertors Club

The team at Eureka Early Education School knows that children understand the world through play and exploration. We believe that every child is a daily evolving creator, so we need to be able to interest him and steer the child’s energy in the right direction. In this way inventions born. This brings smiles. In this way we can see the result of education. The goal of Eureka teachers is to interest, engage and enjoy the achievements of the little discoverers. Every Saturday, children meet the world's most famous discoverers, from Alexander G. Bel, who created the phone, to Jamie Oliver, the inventor of the dishes. Not only they get to know with them, but also perform playful experiments with their little hands and create their own unique inventions. And after two months, the children of the Inventors' Club and their relatives are invited to a colorful presentation of inventions and a celebration of awarding diplomas.

Friday parties for kids

Moms and Dads, have you forgotten what a romantic dinner means? You can not remember the last time you were in a movie only two of you and watched a non-animated movie? We have great knews for you! From now on, you will be able to devote time to it every other Friday night because your little one will have FUN! The team of Eureka Early Education School knows that Friday is the most suitable day for parties, so we invite you to unforgettable themed evenings "Friday party for children". By playing, dancing, exploring, performing creative activities and having fun in other ways, 3-5 year olds will take part in unforgettable moments! To make the party even more fun, each time children will meet a guest - an evening character! And at the end of the party, the children read stories in a fairytale house and prepare for a trip to a sleeping country.

Smart parenting

Eureka Early Education School organizes workshops for parents with infants and young children. From answering questions such as “How to understand what a child wants?” to meetings with pediatricians and practical advice. We also share insights from teachers and professionals on relevant topics. "Smart parenting" seminars are organized on the school premises and online.

Friendship between „Nieko rimto“ and „Eureka“

The publishing house for children and teenagers „Nieko rimto“ and the school for early education „Eureka“ have signed a cooperation agreement. This agreement is very serious and construction-oriented. Not to large brick houses… but to the construction of small and cozy book houses. It is the book houses of the publishing house „Nieko rimto“ that live in all „Eureka“ branches. The school community, and especially the little discoverers, have access to the full range of books from the publishing house. And also one of the first have the ability to grab the news of „Nieko rimto“. In addition, the school hosts book presentations and other celebrations for book lovers.

Kindness initiative to support the Child Heart Association

The president of the association told the little discoverers that the Child Heart Association is a non-profit organization that works on a charitable basis and seeks to help children born with congenital heart defects. During the initiative, parents from the Eureka and Erudito communities donated money to a girl with a congenital heart defect that needed constant medical care. During the weekly kindness initiative, the communities of the early childhood school "Eureka" and "Erudito Lyceum" donated 4345 Eur to the Children's Heart Association. All the money has already reached the association and will help Roma Terese, who has a severe heart disability, to ensure the implementation of special needs, treatment and the purchase of medicines. Thank you to the community, thank you for your kindness!

Children's initiative for pets shelter

The little ones talked about animals. After finding out that the animals are domestic and wild, the children and their teachers analyzed their habitats and also introduced their pets. When they started discussing about pet houses, classmates and teachers shared their thoughts that sometimes pets are left homeless, so shelters are created for them, and good people - volunteers - take care of the pets. Little discoverers and their families donated food, medicines, toys and other necessary items, created postcards with wishes of love and health for animals, and sent everything to the little human friends of Tautmilė Shelter. We are glad to have been able to contribute at least a small part to the animal welfare of Tautmilė Shelter. We thank you, for parents, children and teachers.