Smart parenting

Eureka Early Education School organizes seminars for parents with infants and young children. From answering questions such as “How to understand what a child wants?” to meetings with pediatricians and practical advice. We also share insights from teachers and professionals on relevant topics.

Neil Postman

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see."

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see."

Neil Postman

From Childhood to Adulthood: Unraveling the Legacy of Critical Parenting

In the journey of adulthood, we often grapple with the guilt that accompanies our mistakes. However, for some individuals, shedding […]

Mindful Parenting: Fostering Emotional Resilience

It is natural for parents to experience feelings of frustration, and sadness, and overwhelmed at times. ”How we respond in […]

Potty training

“Parents often question timing and method for the process of toilet training. The process of toilet training may seem like […]

Empowering Parents: The importance of Autonomy Support in Children

Parenting behaviour has significant consequences for children’s behaviour and psychological adjustment. According to Joussemet et. al. (2008), parents encounter with […]

How to help a child love math from an early age?

Some adults remember math lessons with the greatest fright, while others have loved the maths tasks from an early age […]

6 steps to help reduce sibling competition in the family

“Parents often turn to me for help and answers, which will help siblings come to an agreement at home. Even […]

The teacher advises when and how to teach the child to read

“Parents often ask me – when should I start teaching a child to read, how to get a child interested […]

5 ways to help your preschooler not be afraid of the COVID- 19 test

These days, with the quick spread of the COVID-19 virus, not only adults but also children have to do a […]

Difficult adaptation in a kindergarten? Even fairy tales can help a child

It is not a secret that fairy tales are a fun evening ritual and an opportunity for a child to […]

Adaptation. How to help a child adjust to early education school?

When we come to an unfamiliar place, we all need to get to know and adapt to that environment. Children […]

How to encourage a 2-5 year old to behave properly?

Early year’s children are not yet able to recognize feelings, they find it difficult to control their behavior. The age […]

Daylight Saving Time: Consequences and Solutions For Kids

Daylight saving time is approaching and we will turn the clocks an hour forward. It is said that “springing forward” […]

Mindfulness methodology at an early age: daily exercises help 2-5 years children to form a natural habit of focusing attention

In today’s world, children find it difficult to concentrate, their attention is disturbed by many stimuli – from colors and […]