On Monday Vilnius and Kaunas Eureka were full of cakes scents, and there was a magical mood in the classrooms and corridors.
We continue a special tradition and celebrate Cake Day together with the whole Eureka community: we baked cakes at home, brought them to school, shared the most delicious cake desserts with each other in classes, discussed the importance of doing good and sharing goodness.
Finally, we presented the delicacies to the Maltese Order Service – Maltese. The Maltese of Vilnius and Kaunas were  hand over the pastries to the poor, lonely elders. Also, their hearts were delighted by the postcards created by the little discoverers in the classrooms!
Thank you, Eureka community, for not being indifferent! We have proved once again what a powerful communion binds us and how we are able to share goodness with those around us. We believe that our surprise not only made the elders smile, but also remind them that they are not alone.