Child’s Heart Association gratitude for Eureka community

On the morning of Valentine’s Day, we received a letter from the Child’s Heart Association and their gratitude to the communities of Eureka Early Education School and Erudito licėjus for the Spring 2021 Kindness Initiative.

“On Valentine’s Day, we sincerely thank the communities of Eureka School and Erudito licėjus for having the gentlest heart therapist puppy Gloria. The puppy came to our house from the Estonian Golden Retriever kennel Kyu De Mary (breeder V. Kotenko). Love, unexpected experiences, this is something we have never experienced before. Thank you very much. On Valentine’s Day, we wish you warmth and endless love that will provide peace, health and hope. Be hugged with heart!” – says Roma Teresė’s mother.

Earlier, Teresa’s mother shared the information that part of the donated funds (together with the support of the Kretinga district municipality) had also been used to adapt the household to Roma Teresa. The girl with a disability was provided with a comfortable staircase at home and the yard was paved.

We remind you that last spring Eureka Early Education School together with Erudito licėjus organized a Spring Kindness Initiative to support the Child’s Heart Association.

The Child’s Heart Association is a non-profit organization working on a charitable basis to help children born with congenital heart defects. During the initiative, parents from the Eureka and Erudito communities donated money to a girl with a congenital heart defect that needs constant medical care. During the weekly kindness initiative, the communities of Eureka Early Education School and Erudito licėjus donated 4345 Eur.

We share moments with the therapeutic puppy Gloria. Moments are captured by Teresa’s mother.