I am the head of Kaunas Eureka branch Karolina

I have always been interested in planning and organizing activities. In 2015, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance and realized that the field relevant to me is much broader, so in 2017 I obtained a master’s degree in marketing. I worked according to my acquired specialties, but pedagogy was always nearby. My mother is a teacher, so the worries and joys of school life have always been an integral part of our family. I have tasted the bread of a non-formal education teacher, as a result I have completed pedagogical-psychological knowledge courses.

My career was all the time connected somehow with education field and I enjoy it because the experience gained from interacting with little students, their parents and teachers is simply invaluable. I am a mother myself, so I fully understand the importance of trust in each other and the quality of activities in the educational institution, because parents trust us with their most precious possessions.