The book publisher “Nieko rimto” and the early education school “Eureka” have signed a cooperation agreement

Today the publisher of books for children and teenagers “Nieko rimto” and the early education school “Eureka” signed a cooperation agreement. This agreement is very serious and construction-oriented, but not to the construction of large brick houses…but to the construction of small and cozy book houses.

The book houses of the publishing house “Nieko rimto” will appear in all Eureka branches. The school community, and especially the little discoverers, will have access to the full range of books from the publishing house, also they will have a chance to be the first ones to “touch” “Nieko rimto” assortment. In addition, the school will host book launch events and other celebrations for book lovers.

“At school, the letter, the word, and the book are very important elements of the curriculum. We are trying to create a cozy lettering environment, teachers tell fairytales and read books with children every day. In addition, during the contextual themes of the week, we analyze books and fairy tale characters, as well kids try to create their own unique heroes. I sincerely believe that with great partners we will be even more successful in shaping children’s love for books” – says Birute Maciuliene, the head of the Eureka early education school.

The team of “Nieko rimto” has been operating for almost two decades and knows how to create books that children like. Nice, emotional, heart-warming books. However, honest observations and reviews will help to improve even more. Eureka employees will give their insights, present the most liked books, and tell how they are used in the curriculum.

“We are happy to establish a friendship with the early education school Eureka, which, we believe, will give the sweetest fruits – new knowledge, fresh ideas, educational events, and, of course, book houses. “Nieko rimto” book houses will let kids learn from the latest, most popular books, which will encourage the youngest ones of Eureka to form a strong and a lasting relationship with the book from an early age, develop imagination and creativity, and allow them to enjoy reading.” says the head of “Nieko rimto” Arvydas Vereckis.