From July 1 we are concentrating the Eureka early education school in Kaunas Žaliakalnis

We would like to inform you that from July 1, we are concentrating the Eureka early education school in Kaunas in Žaliakalnis (Aukštaičių str. 45, Kaunas), and we are concentrating the education of all classes (0-12) of the Erudito licėjus in the premises in the city center (J.Gruodžio str. 9, Kaunas).

These changes provide an opportunity for the growth of the Eureka community, provide enough space and space for effective and high-quality education. In Žaliakalnis, the historic building is adapted for the education of kids, equipped with modern classrooms with acoustic ceilings, ventilation and cooling systems, and a soft cover of the yard. In addition, by July, the school Eureka in Žaliakalnis will set up a laboratory for the education of little kids.

It is also very important that we can implement discovery-based education outside the school. This opportunity is provided by the neighborhood of the reborn Kaukas staircase fountain, one of the most beautiful parks in Lithuania – Ąžuolynas, ice arena, football manege and Kaunas County Public Library.

Along with these changes, we are focusing even more strongly on the harmonious education of young children – we are looking for an educational guide who will be able to ensure the implementation and quality of the education system in Kaunas and Vilnius. Also, this month the team is being supplemented by an administrator.