Eureka is creating a unique primary school in Valakampiai

School “Eureka”, which has been providing early education services up until now, is planning to open a primary school in Valakampiai in the summer of 2023. The founders of the school have set a goal to become an example of sustainable thinking education in Lithuania. „Eureka“ will be unique because children will know how to calculate carbon footprint from a young age, classes will have their own greenhouses, and the education process will include projects about environmental protection.

„This school is meant for the people who want their children to grow and develop away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The school will have a green garden of a size of almost a hectare, which is surrounded by a river and a forest. This kind of environment, unique educational measures, and professional teachers will educate children who bravely explore the world and understand the importance of a friendship of humans and nature,“ says Birutė Mačiulienė who has been the head of school „Eureka“ which has been operating since 2018.

The distinction of “Eureka” is discovery based education and bilingual environment of Lithuanian and English. By applying methods of discovery based education teachers create conditions for a child to learn something new – phenomenon, country, object of nature, emotion, profession, etc. – every day. This way a constant and integrating process which arouses the interest, curiosity and wish to explore and learn throughout their whole life is created.

“Every child is a wonderful creator, therefore, one of the tasks of the school is to reveal the talents of children. We will pay a lot of attention not only on the academic abilities but also on the development of creativity through integration of music, art, dance, design and the use of various materials, devices, and technologies. It is important for us that every student feels the benefits of community. Thus, by planning the content of education, we consider how to develop the skills of teamwork, ability to listen and hear, and help of children,” says B.Mačiulienė.

By reaching to create a modern and safe environment of a primary school, “Eureka” together with partners has bought premises in the size of 1400 m2 by the address of Vaidilutės st. 71, Vilnius. The already operating early education school „Eureka“ will remain under this adress. After opening a primary school at this location of Valakampiai, children of ages 1,5 to 10 will be able to learn there throughout the years.

“This month we will start the renovation, and in 2023 June we will open “Eureka” primary school. We will also offer summer school in Vilnius. A program of environmental consciousness, during which we will explore nature, create, experiment and strengthen the basics of a healthy lifestyle, will await children,” says B. Mačiulienė.

Primary school „Eureka“ Open Day will be organized at 6 pm on the 10th of January at Vaidilutės st. 71, Vilnius. You will find the registration form by clicking this – REGISTRATION