In 2022 the pre-school class will start in Vilnius and Kaunas

We would like to inform you that from September 1, 2022, the pre-school class of the early education school Eureka will start in Vilnius and Kaunas.

“In the pre-school class of early education, Eureka pupils will be taught according to the unique Eureka methodology – discovery-based education, applying the concept of harmonious education. Preschoolers will also discover one innovation – the formation of thinking habits, thanks to which students will be involved in more creative and thought-stimulating processes. We promise that there will be interesting, creative activities, during which we will develop academic and social skills. Also, one of our goals is to make every child happy and feel great”, – presents the program Birutė Mačiulienė, the head of the Eureka early education school.

At Eureka parents can choose whether to let a child aged 5 or 6 to attend the pre-school class. If it is difficult for parents to decide, we are ready to help. The school psychologist and pre-school teacher will carefully assess your child’s academic knowledge, social and independence skills and provide recommendations.

“Pre-schoolers go through a difficult period of development that determines their further educational success. At the age of 5-6, a new stage of a child’s life begins – preparation for school starts. During this period, the child’s personality traits are intensively formed. There is a desire to make friends, they step by step start to learn how to control their emotions, and how to communicate. Little discoverers are already able to limit their desires and set certain goals, to overcome obstacles that hinder their achievement. Eureka’s comprehensive pre-school education program and a professional team of teachers will help you to cross the pre-school level in an interesting and smooth way”, – says Rūta Kuodienė, the head of education at the Eureka early education school..

Pre-school education in Eureka uniquenesses:

  • Discovery-based education, applying the concept of harmonious education;
  • Development of thinking habits;
  • Learning through researches;
  • Infrastructure focuses on education through games (toys and educational materials in classrooms);
  • A school without borders is an important educational priority. Due to the strategically convenient locations of Eureka, the educational content is also conveyed during interesting contextual trips, when we change the school spaces into a theatre, museum or park;
  • Great focus on English language teaching: bilingual education using language immersion methodology every day;
  • Lithuanian, English, mathematics, world cognition lessons and basics of chemistry and physics, physical education and arts are organized in an integrated way during harmonious education, i.e. without breaking it down into separate subjects.;
  • A lot of attention is paid to the development of reading competence through different reading strategies. The latest and the most interesting books of the publishing house “Nieko rimto” helps to fall in love with reading. New books are constantly being added to the library;
  • Modern educational infrastructure: Eureka preschoolers will use ergonomic furniture manufactured by VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken GmbH & Co. It is a company in Germany that develops the most advanced school furniture solutions implemented in modern schools around the world;
  • Modern classes with smart technologies, cooling and ventilation systems and acoustic ceilings that ensure high-quality sound distribution in every classroom;
  • Children are educated without stress, through play, but at the same time intensively and purposefully, so it is easy for them to adapt to the discipline of the further educational process in primary school;

We would like to invite you to the “open door day” event, where we will discuss in detail the admission of students to the pre-school class for 2022/2023 academic year. Here you will get acquainted with the concept of harmonious education, discovery-based bilingual education, its goals and the learning environment. We will also answer all of your questions:

  • Date of the event: 24th of November;
  • Time of the event: 4 PM;
  • Place of the event: ZOOM platform;
  • To the participants will be sent a link to the meeting room, so please register: