Rūta Kuodienė

I am the head of education Rūta Kuodienė.

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Lithuanian language philology and advertising at Vilnius University, later I became interested in pedagogy at Vytautas Magnus University, deepening my knowledge at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences – pre-school and primary education pedagogy qualification. I think this is not the end, because it is never too late to learn and improve, and to update and enrich the baggage of knowledge and skills in such a rapidly changing world is simply necessary, and I am already counting 11 years of work in education.

For the past few years, I have worked as a head of education and head of a primary school, and I have gained experience in the field of non-formal education as well.

I am convinced that the pre-school age is extremely important, because children learn incredibly fast during this period: linguistic, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Through games, research, experiments, children get to know the world around us, so it is extremely important to ensure that education during this period is diverse, harmonious and inclusive, motivating to learn and discover more and more on a daily basis.