Dovilė Šiškevičiūtė

I am a teacher Dovilė Šiškevičiūtė

While studying at Klaipeda University in the 3rd year of part-time psychology studies, I started working with children aged 1-5. The knowledge gained during the studies, together with the third year of work experience, helped to get to know and understand the needs and developmental peculiarities of children of different ages. Working with children, I became convinced that the pre-school age period is sensitive and significant for the development and formation of character, personality and appropriate habits. I believe that the task of an adult is to educate a person who is emotionally flexible, independent and resilient to the challenges of life. As a result, I try to listen to the little ones every day, hear them, and encourage them to speak. This is how they know themselves and the world, become able to change it. At the same time, I believe that it helps children to understand their personal wishes and needs, to learn to satisfy them in the interests of others.
I dedicate part of my free time to volunteering in the Youth Line. For me, volunteering is rewarding because I want to be good for people. It is also a great pleasure to belong to a community that is united by caring for others.